We’ve all heard “a tired dog is a good dog!”  But how do we achieve that? High adrenaline activities such as repetitive ball play & intense play with other dogs may achieve the desired effect short term but can cause us trouble in the long run!  We can inadvertently program our dogs to crave that adrenaline rush. That along with the risk of injury especially in young dogs is a good reason to check out these suggestions!

  1. Decompression Walk (off leash or Harness & Long Line in nature.  Allow the dog to sniff & explore.
  2. Frozen Kongs or Toppl
  3. DIY Puzzle toys (ie. Pop Bottle, Cardboard box)
  4. Kibble Scatter (scatter kibble in grass or snow for dog to forage
  5. Manufactured Puzzle Toys (ie. Kong Wobbler, Busy Buddy, Nina 
  6. Nosework, Tracking & Find it Games
  7. Chewing (Bones & Bully Sticks)
  8. Training a new skill or practicing existing skills (domorewithyourdog.com)
  9. Snuffle Matt or Ball
  10. Taking a class with your dog

So ditch that food bowl or go on an adventure, your dog will thank you for it!