Dog Training Services

Board and Train

Looking to get a jump start on your dog training? Board and train may be a good fit for you!

Please Note: Board and train is only available for current and previous clients.

Professional Dog Training

In a Home Environment

Training a dog can often feel like a full time job, especially if you’re struggling with long-seated or significant problem behaviors.

If you’re struggling to get your dog to learn the skills you want him to have, board and train can be the perfect way to give your training a jump start.

We only offer Board & Train to one client at a time to ensure that your dog gets the attention he needs to learn and thrive. 

Whether you are struggling with one behavior or many we can help you! We’ll give your dog a solid foundation and teach you what you need to know to continue to work with him once you bring him home.

Board and Train can help instill basic manners in your new puppy, remind your adolescent of his skills, or to work on complicated behavior problems like dog-dog reactivity.

It’s important to note, however, that while Board and Train can give your dog an excellent jump start on new behaviors or serve as a refresher for prior clients, once your dog returns home you’ll need to help him stay fresh! 

Behavior is always influenced by the environment; so you’ll want to make sure you continue to do your homework to keep your dog at the top of his game.

Board & Train is currently only being offered to clients we are already working with.  The Board & Train program is in addition to our other training programs when added support is needed.  Interested in working together?  Contact us for more information.


Whiskers & Wags Student Community

Via Facebook

Students also gain access to our private Facebook community, where we regularly share tutorial videos, plus the occasional Facebook Live to answer questions in real time. Students can post questions and share videos of their own training for feedback!

Skills & Behaviors

Covered in Board & Train

Board & Train can be applied to any behavior that you and your dog are struggling with. 

Some examples are…


Basic Obedience - Down, Sit, Stay




Loose Leash Walking


Fears (people, dogs, etc.)


Reactivity (people, dogs, etc.)


Resource Guarding


Jumping Up



7 Days boarding in a home environment

On & Off leash exercise 1-3 HRS/day


Your dog spends at least 4 hours practicing desired behaviors

When your dog is not training or exercising he or she will have down time working with interactive toy or resting

Field trips in different areas to proof behavior

Playtime with other dogs (if appropriate for your dog)


You will be sent updates on your dogs progress


90 minutes of ’at home’ transfer support to show you what your dog has learned



Per Week

 (Plus GST)

We suggest a two week stay to ensure your dog has a thorough understanding of the skills we are teaching.

I started with Puppy Prep private lessons to learn the basics with a new puppy — I think that was the best thing I could of ever done for myself and Sammie! I highly recommend it to anyone who is going to get a puppy. I also put Sammie into Board & Train for his benefit. Donia has spoiled us — there isn’t anyone out there like her!

— Brenda & Sammie