PEt Sitting Services

Pet Sitting

Going away and can’t bring your four-legged friends? We can watch them while you’re away (without ruining all your training!).

Going to be out of town? 

We can watch your pets for you!

Choosing someone to watch your pets when you are out of town can be extremely stressful — you want someone who understands how important they are to you, and will treat them like their own.

But you also want someone who will maintain your house rules and won’t ruin all the hard work you’ve put into training.

That’s why when you choose Whiskers & Wags you’re getting the best of both worlds! We offer home visits and can even provide medical care if your pet needs daily medications. 

When you have us pet sit, your dog, cat or other pets can stay in an environment that’s familiar to them to minimize stress and you get a dedicated, compassionate caretaker who thinks about your pets the same way you do. And we’re well equipped, even if you need medical pet sitting!

Our primary in-home animal care coordinator, Ayka has over 8 years experience pet sitting and a background in nursing. So she’s experienced when it comes to administering medications or even catching symptoms of an illness, even when you are away from home. 

Home visits

Planning to travel but worried your furry friend wouldn’t have fun on the trip?

Feel good leaving him or her in the comforts of home knowing we’ll stop in and take care of them while you’re gone. 

We’re happy to care for dogs, cats, and other pets. Not sure? Contact us to find out! 

Included in home visit services:

Feeding, changing water, litter box or yard clean up, walks if applicable, brushing, home services (mail, light rotation, plant care, snow removal can be provided for $15/day), and most importantly social time (play, cuddles, whatever your pet enjoys!) & enrichment.


30 minute visits

We’ll visit with your pet, provide attention, exercise, and even minor grooming! We’re also happy to take care of anything else the house may need.

Nail trims are available at a cost of $15 per pet plus GST.

Regular Updates

You can follow us on Facebook where we post daily pictures of your pet on their holiday (we are happy to send emails or text messages to update you daily as well)

Mental Stimulation

Mental Stimulation helps reduce stress (Kongs & Interactive toys). We also have D.A.P (dog appeasing pheromone) and thundershirts to help ease nervous dogs.



30-mins (Plus GST)

$18/visit + GST

for Additional visits

Areas outside of Willowpark, Mapleridge, Bonvista, & Acadia are subject to $3-5 mileage fees/day.

“When Donia was recommended to us for dogsitting, we were still a bit nervous. Our female was adaptable but our male was older and sensitive and it was our first time being apart from him. After talking to Donia, I immediately felt better. Knowing our slight apprehension, Donia sent pictures and updates which made the process so much easier on us. My dogs were happy and relaxed when we picked them up. Could not ask for better care! I’ve since recommended her to friends who were just as impressed as we were. Thank you again!”

Mischa & Jo (aka the bears 🙂