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Group Classes

Join us for group classes to provide your dog with mental stimulation and enrichment… because a tired dog is a good dog!

Group Dog Training Classes

Semi-private and small Group Classes

Even after your dog has learned the basics, continuing to take classes can help keep his brain active and skills sharp!

Mental stimulation and enrichment are incredibly important for our dogs. By continuing his education, not only are you improving his overall quality of life, but you’re giving him healthy outlets for his energy and smarts. 

Bored dogs tend to find their own amusement — and often it’s things that we humans don’t actually find that amusing! By providing your pup with regular mental stimulation you can continue to improve your relationship, add fun games and skills to his basic manners, and keep him from getting bored (and inventive). 


While there are many ways you can help provide your dog with regular enrichment and stimulation at home, group classes are a great way to practice good social skills and have fun at the same time!

At Whiskers & Wags we offer a variety of group classes and workshops to help you and your dog continue learning, together. 

Our classes are suited for dogs of all ages (indeed, elderly dogs often benefit most from added enrichment!) and we will work with you based on your dog’s current skill level.

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Whiskers & Wags Student Community

Via Facebook

Students also gain access to our private Facebook community, where we regularly share tutorial videos, plus the occasional Facebook Live to answer questions in real time. Students can post questions and share videos of their own training for feedback!

“I started with Puppy Prep private lessons to learn the basics with a new puppy — I think that was the best thing I could of ever done for myself and Sammie! I highly recommend it to anyone who is going to get a puppy. I also put Sammie into Board & Train for his benefit. Donia has spoiled us — there isn’t anyone out there like her!”

— Brenda & Sammie